About My Dysfunction

I’m married. I don’t have kids. I do have 4 dogs and some chickens. I garden, a lot. I’ve been writing a novel this year. I hate, fucking HATE cooked broccoli. I own guns. Lots of them. My favorite restaurant is a sushi joint in Amarillo. I love to read. I have figured out how to dispose of a body. I do not take shit from people, though I will tolerate it’s presence for a considerable amount of time. I was employed as a city manager but now I’m not. I try to eat locally but the whole chocolate thing foils my good intentions on a regular basis. I think Asian babies are adorable…the rest, not so much. I want an African Grey parrot. I drive a jacked up 4×4 truck. I love high heels. I’m atheist, raised by a minister and a choir director. Miranda Lambert is one of my favorite singers, even though I’m not a real fan of country. When I left the town I last worked in, I stopped on the way out and flipped both middle fingers at it.


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